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Maryland Trans Health Equity Act of 2022

On Wednesday March 16th we held our first of many virtual panel discussions. This discussion was about the Maryland Trans Health Equity Act of 2022 which is now making its way around the Maryland State House and Senate. The act would allow trans patients to have all of their medical procedures covered by Medicaid. Currently, Medicaid doesn't cover procedures like laser hair removal because it says these procedures are cosmetic. Trans individuals need these procedures for various reasons one being that laser hair removal is a requirement for gender affirming surgery for trans women. We discuss the necessity for accessibility of these procedures for people who can not afford private insurance and how if this bill does not pass it will continue to harm and complicate the lives of many BIPOC trans people across the state.

Our major purpose for this event is to get the ears of legislators in Annapolis, so they know what is at stake. Trans rights has been on the chopping block across the country as of late, and here is a bill that can help us move in the right direction. One of the goals of the collective is to make sure our experiences are recorded and able to be heard to affect change. We hope this event will do that.

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